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July 11 2017




speaking of misogyny

let me tell you guys something that ACTUALLY happened in my screenwriting class last week

one of the female writers in our class is writing a feature about this gang of teenage girls who sort of become vigilantes and murder men who harass women (that’s a shitty logline of it but it’s actually fucking awesome and highly stylized and over-exaggerated like tarantino in a good way bc i fucking hate tarantino). ANYWAY their first kill is this guy named taylor. taylor is one of the girl’s boyfriends. it is heavily implied and the writer confirmed that he abuses and rapes her. not explicitly seen, but she has bruises, there are scenes implying it etc.

so. she wrote the part where they kill taylor. and one of my professor’s comments was about how he felt like he didn’t hate taylor enough.

to which me and my female friend were like um what?? we hate him. he fucking raped and abused her. wE HATE HIM. HE IS A HORRIBLE PERSON.

and my prof was like well yeah i hate him but i don’t HATE hate him. and we argued about it. so he took a poll of who hated taylor. ALL of the girls in the class raised their hands. none of the boys did. when he asked who didn’t hate taylor all of the men raised their hands. and me and my friend started laughing because of COURSE they did.

and my prof was like why are you laughing and the writer was like “i think they’re laughing at the gender difference in that answer” and my prof was like “well, from my male perspective, i don’t think i’m being sexist”


first of all did you hear that sentence at ALL do you understand how paradoxical it is?????

second of all, no. just no.

and then my prof went on to say “i feel like we need to see taylor be horrible. like bad solution, he kicks a dog”

evidently a man can abuse and rape a girl and not be hated, but if he kicks a dog then he’s PURE EVIL

and THAT is exactly what’s wrong with our society


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July 09 2017




My roomba will sometimes get lost in the house and get to low battery before they can find their port so I have to go looking under all the tables and chairs and carry them like a puppy so they can take a nap and recharge

I thought about this post today when the roomba closed the door on itself and got trapped in the pantry

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“what brings the darkness also brings stars.”
“… indeed it does.”

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the measure of whether you’re a child or an adult is if this sounds delicious or makes you want to vomit

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Hey can someone help me out and make a transparent cutout of ash from this pic

July 07 2017

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you will look stupid many times in your life. you will look dumb as hell. guaranteed. EMBRACE IT. think of the times your favorite characters hecked up and looked like dorks, and how you love them better for it.

practice the moment in your head. you’ve just realized you made a dumb mistake. instead of fleeing or covering your ass, you grin. “oh crap, that was a dumb mistake,” you laugh. you’re a little red-faced, but it’s cute. and anyone who wanted to slag you down has suddenly lost their ammunition, because the moment belongs to you.



Autistic flirting: I have these soft blankets I really like do you want to curl up in one


Examples of Stockholm Syndrome in Disney





 Frollo and Quasimodo

Mother Gothel and Rapunzel

Frollo and Mother Gothel convince Quasimodo and Rapunzel that their lives are dependent on them. The two villains claim the outside world is a terrible place even though they know this is not true. They also constantly emotionally abuse their victims by implying their worthlessness and destroying their self-esteems. Quasimodo and Rapunzel sympathize with their captors and even believe their captors are protecting them and treating them with kindness. However, both captors are merely using and manipulating their victims for their own selfish purposes.


The Beast and Belle

 Belle does not sympathize with the Beast when she is treated poorly. She becomes angry and leaves the castle, only returning by her own wish so that the Beast (who saves her) does not freeze to death. She does not respond nicely towards the Beast until he treats her with respect. In this situation, Belle has control and is not manipulated into feeling for the Beast, nor does the Beast treat her disrespectfully after the first night. While the Beast does have an underlying motive as to keeping Belle in his castle, he abandons this idea and sets her free to make her happy. If anything, this story is a case of Lima Syndrome where the captor starts to sympathize with the victim.

Check out this post which refocuses the purpose of Beauty and the Beast from merely (and wrongly) being about Stockholm Syndrome to it’s original purpose.


I don’t usually reblog stuff like this, but Beauty and the Beast is my favorite movie and I’d like to have this on my page!

this is actually a very good analysis. I take back all the times I’ve called Beauty and the Beast a ‘stockholm syndrome’ romance. 

July 06 2017

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Congrats everybody!
Today on June 30th 2017 the parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany votes in favour of same-sex marriage.




underrated john mulaney quotes:

  • “he never forgets a bitch ever
  • “…and he was almost impressed!”
  • “because we’re delta airlines / and life is a fucking nightmare”
  • “SCATTER!!!!!!!!”
  • “…which is some racist-ass bullshit, but also incredibly well coordinated for a group of thirteen year olds”
  • “i’m a little fat girl”
  • “the best thing about that was that after that, cars were pulling up and looking over to see who just did that piece of shit move, expecting to see like a 100-year-old blind dog who’s texting while driving and drinking a smoothie, instead they see a 28-year-old healthy man trying his best”
  • “and i was the ONE pre-y2k asshole going ‘and also with you!’”
  • “Don’t you have to do a shift at school tomorrow?” *drinking like it’s the end of the world* “Ehhhh, I’ll just show a video.” “That’s why teachers show videos?!”
  • “So I said ‘No’, you know, like a liar”

u know what's great? im not in highschool anymore


Always Something Wrong



There’s always something you could complain about.  Why give your problems the satisfaction of talking about it?

Become the silent destroyer.  Crush your problems and never let them spread by speech.

July 05 2017



I hate when people are like “the world’s a cruel place, just get used to it.” That’s a terrible mentality! Never accept cruelty and brutality and unhappiness as the norm. The world is a cruel place, so get out there and make it a little less so.



me: wants to be multilingual, a musical prodigy, an artist, an author, a poet, an honour student, working in a well-paying job, successful and happy

me: sits on my couch eating three(3) party-sized bags of salt and vinegar potato chips and watching thirty-one(31) episodes of my favourite tv show in one sitting

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July 04 2017


Stress!! Is!! Bad!!

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